As of PDAL v2.6.0, the eval command is marked as DEPRECATED. It will be removed from the default install in PDAL v2.7 and removed completely in PDAL v2.8.

The eval command is used to compare the Classification dimensions of two point clouds.

$ pdal eval <predicted> <truth> --labels <labels>
--predicted arg     Positional argument specifying point cloud filename containing predicted labels.
--truth arg         Positional argument specifying point cloud filename containing truth labels.
--labels arg        Comma-separated list of classification labels to evaluate.

The command returns 0 along with a JSON-formatted classification report summarizing various classification metrics.

In the provided example below, the truth and predicted point clouds contain points classified as ground (class 2) and medium vegetation (class 4) in accordance with the LAS specification. Both point clouds also contain some number of classifications that are either unlabeled or do not fall into the specificied classes.

$ pdal eval predicted.las truth.las --labels 2,4
  "confusion_matrix": "[[5240537,3860,24102],[268015,3179304,326677],[111453,115516,2950315]]",
  "f1_score": 0.944,
  "labels": [
      "accuracy": 0.967,
      "f1_score": 0.973,
      "intersection_over_union": 0.947,
      "label": "1",
      "precision": 0.951,
      "sensitivity": 0.995,
      "specificity": 0.929,
      "support": 5268499
      "accuracy": 0.934,
      "f1_score": 0.914,
      "intersection_over_union": 0.842,
      "label": "2",
      "precision": 0.999,
      "sensitivity": 0.842,
      "specificity": 0.999,
      "support": 3773996
  "mean_intersection_over_union": 0.894,
  "overall_accuracy": 0.931,
  "pdal_version": "2.2.0 (git-version: 6e80b9)",
  "predicted_file": "predicted.las",
  "truth_file": "truth.las"

Most of the returned metrics will be self explanatory, with scores reported both for individual classes and at a summary level. The returned confusion matrix is presented in row-major order, where each row corresponds to a truth label (the last row is a catch-all for any unlabeled or ignored entries). Similarly, confusion matrix columns correspond to predicted labels where the last column is once again a catch-all for unlabeled entries. Although unlabeled/ignored truth labels are reported in the confusion matrix, they are excluded from all computed scores.