Numerous organizations, companies, and individuals have contributed time, money, and code to build PDAL up into a highly capable software package. Without these contributions, PDAL would not progress as quickly, and its quality wouldn’t be as high. The development team is proud of the software, and it collectively represents years of experiences doing point cloud data management. We hope you’ll find it useful too.

This page is to recognize these contributors and their contributions. Thanks.

Engineering Contributors

Hobu is the primary company behind the design, testing, development, and distribution of PDAL. Two Hobu team members primarily interact with PDAL. Howard Butler founded the project, and he provides project leadership and software development. Andrew Bell has contributed design, refactoring, and new feature development of PDAL over the past couple of years.

Michael Gerlek helped bootstrap PDAL by providing its first design, basic primitive objects, and first stage implementations.


Bradley Chambers from Grover Consulting Services has contributed numerous features and capabilities to the PDAL project, including Poisson sampling and classification filters such as the SMRF filter. He is also a prolific Tutorials writer.

Funding Contributors


The US Army Corps of Engineers Remote Sensing / GIS Center of Expertise at CRREL sponsors development of PDAL for its use in point cloud data management systems. CRREL’s GRiD project manages LiDAR and point cloud data for a multitude of U.S. Army Corps missions. Find out more about GRiD in this LiDAR Magazine article.

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NSF, in collaboration with Dr. Craig Glennie at the University of Houston supports PDAL with funding support to develop and enhance statistical methods, transformation operations, tutorial and example development, and PCL integration.