The Relaxation Dart Throwing Filter is a variation on Poisson sampling. The approach was first introduced by [McCool1992]. The filter operates nearly identically to filters.sample, except it will continue to shrink the radius with each pass through the point cloud until the desired number of output points is reached.

See also

filters.decimation, filters.fps and filters.sample all perform some form of thinning or resampling.


The shuffle option does not reorder points in the PointView, but shuffles the order in which the points are visited while processing, which can improve the quality of the result.

Default Embedded Stage

This stage is enabled by default



Decay rate for the radius shrinkage. [Default: 0.9]


Starting minimum distance between samples. [Default: 1.0]


Desired number of points in the output. [Default: 1000]


Choose whether or not to shuffle order in which points are visited. [Default: true]


Seed for random number generator, used only with shuffle.


An expression that limits points passed to a filter. Points that don’t pass the expression skip the stage but are available to subsequent stages in a pipeline. [Default: no filtering]


A strategy for merging points skipped by a ‘where’ option when running in standard mode. If true, the skipped points are added to the first point view returned by the skipped filter. If false, skipped points are placed in their own point view. If auto, skipped points are merged into the returned point view provided that only one point view is returned and it has the same point count as it did when the filter was run. [Default: auto]