The Splitter Filter breaks a point cloud into square tiles of a specified size. The origin of the tiles is chosen arbitrarily unless specified with the origin_x and origin_y option.

The splitter takes a single PointView as its input and creates a PointView for each tile as its output.

Splitting is usually applied to data read from files (which produce one large stream of points) before the points are written to a database (which prefer data segmented into smaller blocks).

Default Embedded Stage

This stage is enabled by default


        "connection":"dbname='lidar' user='user'"


Length of the sides of the tiles that are created to hold points. [Default: 1000]
X Origin of the tiles. [Default: none (chosen arbitarily)]
Y Origin of the tiles. [Default: none (chosen arbitarily)]
Amount of overlap to include in each tile. This buffer is added onto length in both the x and the y direction. [Default: 0]