The VoxelCentroidNearestNeighbor Filter is a voxel-based sampling filter. The input point cloud is divided into 3D voxels at the given cell size. For each populated voxel, the centroid of the points within that voxel is computed. This centroid is used as the query point in a 3D nearest neighbor search. The nearest neighbor is then added to the output point cloud, along with any existing dimensions.


This is similar to the existing filters.voxelgrid. However, in the case of the VoxelGrid, the centroid itself is added to the output point cloud. The drawback with this approach is that all dimensional data is lost, and the sampled cloud now consists of only XYZ coordinates.

Default Embedded Stage

This stage is enabled by default



See also

filters.voxelcenternearestneighbor offers a similar solution, using the voxel center as opposed to the voxel centroid for the query point.


Cell size in the X, Y, and Z dimension. [Default: 1.0]