The Voxel Grid Filter passes data through the Point Cloud Library (PCL) VoxelGrid algorithm.

VoxelGrid assembles a local 3D grid over a given PointCloud, and downsamples and filters the data. The VoxelGrid class creates a 3D voxel grid (think about a voxel grid as a set of tiny 3D boxes in space) over the input point cloud data. Then, in each voxel (i.e., 3D box), all the points present will be approximated (i.e., downsampled) with their centroid. This approach is a bit slower than approximating them with the center of the voxel, but it represents the underlying surface more accurately.

Default Embedded Stage

This stage is enabled by default



See also

filters.decimation does simple every-other-X -style decimation.


Leaf size in X dimension. [Default: 1.0]
Leaf size in Y dimension. [Default: 1.0]
Leaf size in Z dimension. [Default: 1.0]