The SQLite point cloud reader allows you to read data stored in a SQLite database using a scheme that PDAL wrote using the writers.sqlite writer. Much like the writers.oci and writers.pgpointcloud, the SQLite driver stores data in tables that contain rows of patches. Each patch contains a number of spatially contiguous points

Dynamic Plugin

This stage requires a dynamic plugin to operate


      "query":"SELECT b.schema,, l.block_id, l.num_points, l.bbox, l.extent, l.points,\r\n                      FROM simple_blocks l, simple_cloud b\r\n                     WHERE = and in (1)\r\n                    order by"


SQL statement that selects a schema XML, cloud id, bbox, and extent [Required]
Maximum number of points to read. [Default: unlimited]
Spatial reference to apply to the data. Overrides any SRS in the input itself. Can be specified as a WKT, proj.4 or EPSG string. [Default: none]