The Greyhound writer allows you to append new dimensions (or update existing appended dimensions) onto a Greyhound resource. The Greyhound writer may only be used in a pipeline downstream from a Greyhound reader. Written points must also match the points that were read in a 1:1 manner (although there is no restriction against reordering), so intermediate filters that cull points are not allowed.


This example runs the SMRF ground-classification algorithm to populate the Classification dimension, the ferry filter to copy this dimension to a new dimension named Smrf, and then adds this dimension to the Greyhound resource.

        "type": "readers.greyhound",
        "url": "data.greyhound.io/resource/autzen"
        "type": "filters.smrf"
        "type": "filters.ferry",
        "dimensions": "Classification=Smrf"
        "type": "writers.greyhound",
        "name": "MySmrfDimensionSet",
        "dims": ["Smrf"]


Many options that affect the behavior of the Greyhound writer are specified as parameters to the Greyhound reader, which are forwarded to the Greyhound writer.

A string value for the name of this dimension set. This setting is used internally by the Greyhound server to group clusters of simultaneously appended dimensions. For example, a group of multiple classifications with different filter settings like [“SmrfCellSize_1.0”, “SmrfCellSize_1.5”] might be grouped as “SmrfComparison”.
A JSON array of string names of the dimensions to be written to the Greyhound resource.