The PCD Writer supports writing to Point Cloud Data (PCD) formatted files, which are used by the Point Cloud Library (PCL).

By default, compression is not enabled, and the PCD writer will output ASCII formatted data.

Default Embedded Stage

This stage is enabled by default

Streamable Stage

This stage supports streaming operations




PCD file to write [Required]
Level of PCD compression to use (ascii, binary, compressed) [Default: “ascii”]
Decimal Precision for output of values. This can be overridden for individual dimensions using the order option. [Default: 3]
Comma-separated list of dimension names in the desired output order. For example “X,Y,Z,Red,Green,Blue”. Dimension names can optionally be followed by a PDAL type (e.g., Unsigned32) and dimension-specific precision (used only with “ascii” compression). Ex: “X=Float:2, Y=Float:2, Z=Float:3, Intensity=Unsigned32” If no precision is specified the value provided with the precision option is used. The default dimension type is double precision float. [Default: none]
If true, writes all dimensions. Dimensions specified with the order option precede those not specified. [Default: true]