PDAL dimensions describe the combination of data’s type, size, and meaning. The following table provides a list of known dimension names you can use in Filters, Writers, and Readers descriptions.

Name Type Description
Alpha uint16 Alpha
Amplitude float This is the ratio of the received power to the power received at the detection limit expressed in dB
Azimuth double Scanner azimuth
BackgroundRadiation float A measure of background radiation.
Blue uint16 Blue image channel value
ClassFlags uint8 Class Flags
Classification uint8 ASPRS classification. 0 for no classification. See LAS specification for details.
Curvature double Curvature of surface at this point
Density double Estimate of point density
Deviation float A larger value for deviation indicates larger distortion.
EchoRange double Echo Range
EdgeOfFlightLine uint8 Indicates the end of scanline before a direction change with a value of 1 - 0 otherwise
ElevationCentroid double Elevation Centroid
ElevationHigh double Elevation High
ElevationLow double Elevation Low
Flag uint8 Flag
GpsTime double GPS time that the point was acquired
Green uint16 Green image channel value
HeightAboveGround double Height Above Ground
Infrared uint16 Infrared
Intensity uint16 Representation of the pulse return magnitude
InternalTime double Scanner’s internal time when the point was acquired, in seconds
IsPpsLocked uint8 The external PPS signal was found to be synchronized at the time of the current laser shot.
LatitudeCentroid double Latitude Centroid
LatitudeHigh double Latitude High
LatitudeLow double Latitude Low
LongitudeCentroid double Longitude Centroid
LongitudeHigh double Longitude High
LongitudeLow double Longitude Low
LvisLfid uint64 LVIS_LFID
Mark uint8 Mark
NNDistance double Distance metric related to a point’s nearest neighbors.
NormalX double X component of a vector normal to surface at this point
NormalY double Y component of a vector normal to surface at this point
NormalZ double Z component of a vector normal to surface at this point
NumberOfReturns uint8 Total number of returns for a given pulse.
OffsetTime uint32 Milliseconds from first acquired point
Omit uint8_t Used to shallowly mark a point as being omitted without removing it
OriginId uint32 A file source ID from which the point originated. This ID is global to a derivative dataset which may be aggregated from multiple files.
PassiveSignal int32 Relative passive signal
PassiveX double Passive X footprint
PassiveY double Passive Y footprint
PassiveZ double Passive Z footprint
Pdop float GPS PDOP (dilution of precision)
Pitch float Pitch in degrees
PointId uint32 An explicit representation of point ordering within a file, which allows this usually-implicit information to be preserved when reordering points.
PointSourceId uint16 File source ID from which the point originated. Zero indicates that the point originated in the current file
PulseWidth float Laser received pulse width (digitizer samples)
Red uint16 Red image channel value
Reflectance float Ratio of the received power to the power that would be received from a white diffuse target at the same distance expressed in dB. The reflectance represents a range independent property of the target. The surface normal of this target is assumed to be in parallel to the laser beam direction.
ReflectedPulse int32 Relative reflected pulse signal strength
ReturnNumber uint8 Pulse return number for a given output pulse. A given output laser pulse can have many returns, and they must be marked in order, starting with 1
Roll float Roll in degrees
ScanAngleRank float Angle degree at which the laser point was output from the system, including the roll of the aircraft. The scan angle is based on being nadir, and -90 the left side of the aircraft in the direction of flight
ScanChannel uint8 Scan Channel
ScanDirectionFlag uint8 Direction at which the scanner mirror was traveling at the time of the output pulse. A value of 1 is a positive scan direction, and a bit value of 0 is a negative scan direction, where positive scan direction is a scan moving from the left side of the in-track direction to the right side and negative the opposite
ShotNumber uint64 Shot Number
StartPulse int32 Relative pulse signal strength
UserData uint8 Unspecified user data
WanderAngle double Wander Angle
X double X coordinate
XBodyAccel double X Body Acceleration
XBodyAngRate double X Body Angle Rate
XVelocity double X Velocity
Y double Y coordinate
YBodyAccel double Y Body Acceleration
YBodyAngRate double Y Body Angle Rate
YVelocity double Y Velocity
Z double Z coordinate
ZBodyAccel double Z Body Acceleration
ZBodyAngRate double Z Body Angle Rate
ZVelocity double Z Velocity