BPF is an NGA specification for point cloud data. The specification can be found at The BPF Reader supports reading from BPF files that are encoded as version 1, 2 or 3.

This BPF reader only supports Zlib compression. It does NOT support the deprecated compression types QuickLZ and FastLZ. The reader will consume files containing ULEM frame data and polarimetric data, although these data are not made accessible to PDAL; they are essentially ignored.

Data that follows the standard header but precedes point data is taken to be metadata and is UTF-encoded and added to the reader’s metadata.

Default Embedded Stage

This stage is enabled by default

Streamable Stage

This stage supports streaming operations




BPF file to read [Required]
Maximum number of points to read. [Default: unlimited]
Spatial reference to apply to the data. Overrides any SRS in the input itself. Can be specified as a WKT, proj.4 or EPSG string. [Default: none]